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Compare Cloud Postgresql Price (Date 08.06.2018):

Google vs. Azure vs. Cloud Software

Azure Database for PostgreSQL Google Database for PostgreSQL Cloud Software Database for PostgreSQL
Cloud SQL Second Generation
# of instances: 1
Location: Frankfurt
730.0 total hours per montd
Storage: 20.0 GB
Backup: 0.0 GB
General Purpose Tier 12GB
1 Gen 4 (4 vCore) x 730 Hours,
20 GB Storage,
0 GB Additional Backup storage
Postgresql as Service Cloud
Medium Hosting
4vCore 12 Gb Ram
Database 1
Space Cloud 20 GB
Concurrent connection unlimited
Cost: $222.38 per 1 montd (USD) Cost: $307.00 per 1 montd (USD) Cost: $46.80 per 1 montd (USD)