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This privacy policy describes the practices of collecting personal data for the website It is owned and managed by TWB Risen IT Ltd collects personal data in accordance with this policy.
This document is intended to inform you about what type of personal data we collect from you, where we could use that data, understand how to secure this information, who has access to them and how they can be corrected in time free from data personal, according to EU regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). offers hosting databases of legal persons.
In this sense, applying the principle of minin the data collected in accordance with, not GDPR intentionally collects personally identifiable information from individuals/consumers, but may collect personal information from representatives of persons legal clients or potential clients, taking into account the professional contact details.

Also, the entire activity of attracting visitors to the webpage is directed to legal entities and their representatives, but we cannot definitely TSI professional quality of our web visitors or a people who subscribe to the news published on the blog.
Thus, we consider all such information as personal data and we treat them as such, as detailed below, although they could be personal data only in certain cases:
1. About Us
TWB Risen SRL as administrator of site respects the private character and the security of the information provided by users, including personal data.
TWB Risen SRL is an operator of personal data in the EU regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), with headquarters in Braila str. Moldovei, nr. 125, registered at the trade register under no. J09/359/2017 unique registration code: RO37557044, this document called comply with Romanian law and European legislation in the field of protection of personal data and the personal data collected only for purposes to be determined, as detailed below:
Purpose of collecting personal data is to sell products and services on the (with all related activities such as order processing, billing, payment, etc.), customer services and marketing activities for their own needs of
Your data. are used exclusively by the in the above purposes and may not be sold or rented to third parties.
The legal basis of the processing of this data are:
performance of the contract and preliminary steps for this contract (article 6 (1) b GDPR) â € "for data collected through the order form or the data received as a result of customer services
legal obligations (art. 6 (1) c GDPR) for the data necessary for billing
legitimate interest (article 6 (1) (f) and 506/2004 law GDPR art 12 (2)) to the data used for marketing to existing clients, site security and data used for optimization of the site.
Consent (article 6 (1) of GDPR) for data used for marketing for website visitors (e.g., subscribing to newsletters, marketing cookies, events etc.)

2. Why we collect personal data and who has access to your data. collects information from its users in three ways:
directly from the user
reports of trafficking registered by the servers that host our sites
through cookies
2.1. Personal data collected directly
When you access or when you create an account or will place an order, we ask for your name, first name and/or email address, phone number and other details of which firm to make the account. Please keep in mind that your account is made taking into account your quality. a representative of a legal person and so we recommend you use your email and phone company, not the person.
These data are kept for a period of 3 years from the completion of the contract (this being the General prescription period) or five years in the case of invoices (where it is a legal obligation for tax).
Also, when you access the services of the nurse we ask for an email address or phone number, as well as other details if required to solve the problem. If we cannot resolve the issue, we can ask us to create a user account in the application, you'll use on a limited length of time until the problem is resolved. We reserve the right to record any communication made for assistance in order to improve our services. Will we will inform you before starting the communication that it could be recorded.
These data are stored for different periods, but not older than 3 years from making contact with the exception of the technical assistance services, in which case they are stored for the entire contract period.
These data are used, for example, for the purpose of contacting you, and to determine the data necessary for billing or contract, or contact person and/or to solve a complaint/request your We may request other information which may constitute personal data only to the extent necessary for those purposes.
In the case of such data, as we will be unable to meet your order. or will we provide the desired assistance services.
Also, when you subscribe to our newsletter, receive a specific report, or fill out a form on our site, please provide both an email address and a name, and sometimes other information needed for personalizing communication to you.
Such data are kept up to revocation or until your activity. show us that you are no longer interested in our communication.
2.2. Information provided automatically from the server's traffic report.
When you visit a web site, regardless of the device used, to disclose certain information about you, such as your e-mail address. IP, time your visit, the place from which you enter our site, the pages you visit. register this information for a while. uses external services of traffic analysis.
These data are used exclusively by the to improve the site and our services, but also to ensure the security of our site.
In no circumstance does not use traffic data to identify the persons behind the IP addresses.
These data are kept for a period of 50 months.
2.3. Cookies and similar technologies
It should be noted that cookies and similar technologies does not collect personal data (any name times IP address), but in some cases may use unique identifiers to track that a user at one site to another. may use their own cookies required for the operation of the site, but also to facilitate the storing and tracking your preferences, including optimizing our sites, including personalization, or for marketing.
In terms of external services which places cookies (third party) or similar technologies in time browsing the sites, their purpose is marketing, traffic analysis or other customizations.
Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. But if you do not prefer this, you can either reset your browser either to notify whenever you receive a cookie, or to refuse even the acceptance of cookies. But know that some sections of our site will not be viewed normally if you set your browser to reject cookies.
Users do not want cookies, your Web browser may use the preferred settings for deleting or blocking them or use some plugins that do the same thing.
These data are stored for different periods, laid down by these vendors, but they do not exceed 48 months since your last visit.
3. Data Hosting
The personal data collected are registered, used, stored and organized on the protected servers, where it is hosted and the site itself, as well as on any other media which allow such operations, in conditions of optimum safety, by means of adequate. For hosting secure personal data, we use the services of specialized firms in the European Union, which acts as a people empowered by the
4. How to protect the data collected from you. is committed to protecting your data. personal loss, incorrect use of bots, alteration, modification, indisponibilitatii, unauthorized access and destruction, and take all reasonable precaution to protect the confidentiality of such data, including the the use of appropriate technical and organizational measures.
Your access. the products and services is protected by the password of your account. We recommend that you not disclose this password to anyone. will never ask for your password to your accounts. in unsolicited electronic mails or phones. Only if your call. our services can support required, solely in case we are unable to resolve the problem remotely, let's create an administrator account in the application, we use a highly limited time â € "just until the problem is resolved. Further, if possible, you must remember to click the â € žDeconectareâ € in your account. online services offered by at the end of each session of use. We advise also to close the browser window in which you worked at the end of your life. in the sites or services provided by These tips are intended to remove unauthorised access to personal information about you when other people may have access to your device.
Let's keep in mind that data transmission via the Internet cannot be guaranteed as 100% secure being. The causes can be many, such as, but not limited to: your connection. insecure wi-fi programs, viruses or Trojan/malware type, direct access of other persons, etc. As a result, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information transmitted by you. towards Cloud Software, both communication channels as well as in the context of the application. This way you will bring to our attention that there is this risk.
When you receive the information transmitted by you, we guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure the safety of our systems through the implementation of measures to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss and accidental.
5. How can we correct errors in the data collected from you.
For any errors related to data entered by you, please contact us at
6. Your rights
According to, you have the right GDPR access, rectification or deletion thereof or restricting processing or to oppose the processing, as well as the right of intervention on the data portability of personal data.
For data collected by common consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time.
To exercise these rights, you can contact via email to the address with respect to the specific right you want to exercise, as your details. identification. We will ask for additional data for your identification, just to be sure they do not give personal data of another user without access rights to them.
Also you have the right to lodge a complaint in front of a supervisory authorities or to file an action in court.
In certain situations, you may find your data cannot. personal thanks to narrow on identifiers provided in your request. In such cases, we have no way to respond positively to your request. to execute legal rights, except that provide information that allows the identification of. We will inform you and we will give you the opportunity to provide such further information in such situations.
7. Who has access to your personal data can process your data. personal means of third-party companies that deliver quality people. These companies may only use data from Cloud Software, solely for the purposes expressly stated and Cloud Software and can not use for their own ends. These data are sent to accomplish the above, such as:
Hosting services
Services for sending emails
Marketing services
Services of technical assistance tools or contact clients or prospective clients (chat, email, phone calls, etc.)
Other authorities and public institutions, accountants, auditors, lawyers and other advisers, whose activity involves the need of knowledge of such data or where the law compels us to make this disclosure.
All the people with whom we work are empowered companies in Romania, the European Union or any State with an appropriate protection scheme or another theme established in accordance with chapter V of GDPR.
From privacy and security obligations and protecting commercial interests, we prefer to publish a list of the categories of recipients. List of persons contacted with details of contracts may be made available to the competent authorities in accordance with the law.
In case of special situations, can reveal personal information when the law expressly provides for this, when it is required by a competent authority, or when necessary to protect the rights and interests of
8. the data of our clients processing and data collected from our clients through Cloud Services Software as an authorized person. And for those data we provide security of data collected, as well as all other obligations imposed by the same standards with GDPR with which we've grown accustomed to.
In this capacity, it is necessary to have a contract between us and our clients based on article 28 of GDPR and you find it in your account. by the client.
9. other regulations
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