To access the CloudSoftware database, no auxiliary tool is needed, CloudSoftware offers a dedicated and well-known tool for Postgresql users, namely PhpPgAdmin.
Can access from
phpPgAdmin is a web application built in PHP language to facilitate the management of PostgreSQL DBMS. This free software is distributed under the GNU GPL license. Although not sharing any more code, phpPgAdmin started as a fork of phpMyAdmin.

  • Administer multiple servers
  • Manage all aspects of:
    Users & groups
    Tables, indexes, constraints, triggers, rules & privileges
  • Views, sequences & functions
  • Advanced objects
  • Reports
  • Easy data manipulation:
    Browse tables, views & reports
  • Execute arbitrary SQL
    Select, insert, update and delete
  • Import SQL scripts, COPY data, XML, CSV and Tabbed
  • Excellent language support:
    Available in 27 languages
  • No encoding conflicts. Edit Russian data using a Japanese interface!