About Us


TWB Risen SRL is an IT company offering professional services, having as main activity the development and implementation of advanced software solutions integrated for both private companies and government agencies.
One of the main features of our company is represented by the spirit of innovation and ingenuity that characterizes our work. Overcrowding competition and anticipating customer needs through prompt responses, along with our responsibility and style of work; all this leads to the harmonious long-term development of partnerships.
Within the team, we place the client at the forefront, increasing the satisfaction and confidence in our services through the complete packages and attention to detail, thus responding promptly to the unspoken needs of the client.

Cod Fiscal RO37557044
Email:  service@we-b.ro


Banca Transilvania Suc. Jud. Braila


Telefon:+40 0762622865
Strada Moldovei Nr.125, Braila Jud.Braila
The mission of the company is to provide products and consulting, customized hardware and software IT solutions and services. Motto: Be realistic, you always want the impossible.