Before you buy, download the app andtest it. Limitations occur after you bill more than 1,000 milestones, manage more than 1,000 milestones, or create more than 1,000 accounting notes per month.

Management and accounting program, a program that works both locally without internet and connected to the cloud in a computer network. Choose a program that keeps strict records of operations through the cash register and counts it correctly.

Invoicing and Stocks

You can record bills, issue invoices, receipts, notices, pro-forms, vouchers with deductions. You have an interface with over 20 cash register models. Real-time inventory of stocks, multiple retail and wholesale management, warehouse file, transfer voucher between managements, consumption voucher, daily management report, analytical balance of stocks. Automatic generation of price change reports. Control access to the application by defining users. You are fully mobile if you choose cloud hosting. All reports in the application can be easily exported in excell format.


Commodity entry and exit logs, consumables, inventory, automatic generation of accounting notes, chess sheets, various operations sheets, check balance with closing of income and expenditure accounts, VAT. Records of payments and receipts through cash, bank, treasury, clearing orders, employee statements, cash register, bank, VAT journal purchases, sales, consumption of materials and consumables by cost centers (orders), warehouse situation, depreciation of fixed assets. Plus the necessary situations for PFAs.

Online shop

FreeShop and OpenCart connection is provided. The definition of the articles is done in the application where the pictures are also uploaded. You can define custom features: colors, sizes, power, etc. The orders on the site are sent in the application directly in the information bar of the application. The order placed on the site appears as registration in the application, where you can generate the proforma invoice, the direct invoice and send by email to the customer in the application and finally, after payment confirmation, stocks are reduced and sales are recorded.

The program only works on the Windows operating system.

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